About Us

Cognosante provides premier information technology solutions for the many challenges facing today's health organizations. With more than 25 years of experience, Cognosante is a leader in healthcare reform and a trusted partner to the public and private sectors. Simply stated, Cognosante focuses the best minds on health to transform health IT systems for optimal information sharing and unparalleled results.


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Healthcare Transformation

IT solutions for transforming enterprises, including health insurance exchanges and eligibility and enrollment systems, to improve access and quality of healthcare, optimize shared services, and lower costs.

Healthcare Operations

World class, multi-channel, and multi-media contact center operations for managing and improving services for provider, member, customer, and patient communications programs and integrating them with your systems.

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Medicaid Modernization

Industry-leading MMIS solutions to assist states transform Medicaid systems, including modular MITA 3.0 assessment, project management, and compliance with CMS’ Seven Conditions and Standards.

Healthcare Compliance

Solve today’s challenges in the face of increasing standards and shrinking budgets with ICD-10 and fraud, waste, and abuse services to assist your transition to newly established standards and ensure ACA compliance.

The Cognosante Advantage

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  • Focus on health IT only
    Cognosante’s sole focus is health IT solutions. We built our company and our solutions on a foundation of industry expertise that can transform your health system.
  • Link all levels of public and private sectors
    From state to federal to commercial health systems, we provide a big picture and national perspective to deliver comprehensive solutions to address your needs.

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  • See over the healthcare horizon

    We work closely with national leaders who shape the future of healthcare, and we prepare for health reforms before they are enacted or impact your programs.

  • Pioneer industry-leading innovations

    We pioneered and remain the industry’s foremost authority on modular MITA-based solutions, and we still deliver today’s leading architecture.



Explore Cognosante's 25 Years of Health IT Leadership