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We know your career success depends on the right opportunities and right fit to maximize your talents and potential. We provide a wide range of career options for your skills, experience and goals. This includes opportunities in these basic categories: 
  • Health Insurance Exchange: These roles support federal and state health insurance exchange systems. Opportunities include project management, business analysis, technical architecture, and systems implementation


  • Medicaid Management Information Systems: These roles support upgrading and implementing state Medicaid systems. Opportunities include project management, IV&V services, MITA, and business analysis.


  • Standards Compliance: These roles help state clients move from ICD-9 coding to ICD-10 coding. They include opportunities in consulting, training, and coding.


  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: These roles help states recover and prevent fraud in Medicaid insurance claims, auditing, and coding. Opportunities include Auditing, utilization review, medical directors, and project management.


  • Eligibility and Enrollment: These roles plan, design, develop and implement integrated eligibility systems for state agencies. We have opportunities for experts in eligibility and enrollment. 


  • Health Information Exchange: These roles implement technical platforms for state agencies. We have opportunities for a variety of technical experts.


  • Health Communications: These roles service Medicaid users and providers through contact call centers. We have opportunities for various roles in customer service.