Exchange Upgrade

We are currently experiencing some Post-Upgrade issues.  If your mailbox is not accessible, please try again later.


Cognosante IT is currently working on upgrading the Corporate Exchange environment from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  As part of the upgrade, some users may need to make changes to their client application or mobile device to work properly with the new version.  This E-Mail is intended to provide basic information about the upgrade project and general instructions to help our users through the transition.

Please read this page carefully to understand the upgrade process and know what you need to do after your mailbox has been migrated.


Upgrade Timing

  • All Exchange backend and frontend server upgrades are now complete.
  • Exchange mailbox migrations will start on a phased basis through September 6th.
  • Cognosante IT will be migrating users in a phased approach.  This will allow us to ensure all users are completely migrated without error.
  • Although we cannot provide an advanced schedule for individual mailboxes, Cognosante IT will send you a notification 24-48 hours prior to your mailbox migration. 
  • Most mailbox upgrades will impact users in small batches nightly between 9 PM PST and 2 AM PST.  Over Labor Day weekend, Cognosante IT may, at their discretion, upgrade mailboxes during the day.  Please Note: You will still be notified at least 24 hours ahead of time when your mailbox will be migrated.


Benefits of Exchange 2010

  • Improved browser support for Outlook Webmail: Users get the same great experience within Internet Explorer 7 and later, Mozilla Firefox 3 and later, Safari 3 and later, and Chrome 1 and later.
  • Improved Calendar Sharing: With Exchange 2010 and Outlook Webmail, users can now share calendars and use the Scheduling Assistant to schedule meetings with people inside and outside the organization.
  • Conversation View: Outlook Webmail and Outlook 2010 users can use the new Conversation View, which groups together related messages, to quickly identify the most recent messages and related responses.
  • Smaller Screen Size Support: Outlook Webmail has been redesigned to make better use of the smaller screens on devices such as netbooks, tablets and smartphones.
  • System Administration Improvements: Exchange 2010 provides enhancements to system architecture, stability, and supportability, which are expected to reduce costs to maintain the Exchange environment.


Some Important Things To Know

  • The Cognosante Webmail address has changed.  To get the latest URL, please go to and click the “Sign-In” link on the top right page.  You can then click the “Email/Webmail” link.  You may start using this link at any time as it will direct you to your account regardless of which version of Exchange you are currently on.
  • Ensure your Outlook client is closed the night of your mailbox migration.  If you happen to leave it open, you will receive a message asking you to close Outlook and reopen it again.  Leaving Outlook open also may require an automatic rebuild of the offline file or a profile rebuild.
  • While most mailboxes will upgrade seamlessly, some Outlook clients may require rebuilding the user’s offline file or require the entire local profile to be recreated.  If you are unable to open Outlook the day after your mailbox has been migrated, please contact the help desk.
  • Cognosante IT is in the process of testing Office 2010 and will provide details of that upgrade at a later time.
  • Users utilizing mobile E-Mail may need to recreate their Exchange ActiveSync account.  If you are unable to sync your mobile device, please see the instructions below.
  • Some versions of Android firmware may experience certificate errors.  Should that occur, Android device users may also need to “Accept All SSL Certificates” or disable “Verify Certificates” if prompted.


Recreating Mobile E-Mail Accounts

  • Android Devices (These instructions may vary from device to device. If you are having issues recreating your account on Android, please contact the help desk).
    • Open “Settings”
    • Scroll to the Accounts section
    • Tap “Exchange ActiveSync”
    • Tap your Exchange ActiveSync Account
    • Tap Remove Account
    • Go back to Settings and scroll to the Accounts section
    • Tap “Add Account”
    • Tap “Exchange Activesync”
    • Type in your E-Mail address (
    • Type in your Password
    • Tap “Next”
    • Your phone will start to communicate with the Cognosante Exchange servers and automatically setup your account
    • You will receive a message stating “The server requires you to allow it to remotely control some security features of your phone.  Do you wish to finish setting up this account?”  You must agree to this message to utilize mobile E-Mail.
    • You may also receive a second message requiring you to activate Exchange security features
  • Apple iOS
    • Tap “Settings”
    • Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
    • Tap “Exchange”
    • Tap “Delete Account”
    • Tap “Delete” to confirm the deletion
    • Tap “Add Account”
    • Tap “Microsoft Exchange”
    • Type in your E-Mail address (
    • Type in your password
    • Tap “Next”
    • Tap “Save”


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact the help desk?

You can contact the helpdesk by E-Mail ( or by telephone (480) 481-5940. 


What is the Exchange E-Mail Upgrade?

The E-Mail upgrade (or migration) is the process by which Cognosante IT is moving the mail server - known as Exchange - to a newer version.


Why are we migrating to a new mail system?

Since we moved to our current Exchange e-mail system six years ago, the needs of our staff has grown significantly.  As we've worked to meet those needs, Cognosante IT has come to realize that this current system, while completely functional, is dated in terms of features and accessibility.  This upgrade will offer a higher level of functionality and greater flexibility, and will therefore help users to work more efficiently.


When is the migration happening?

The planning and preparation for the move began in June, 2013; but the actual mailbox migrations to Exchange 2010 will take place between Tuesday, August 27th and Saturday, September 7th


Will I be able to access my E-Mail during the migration process?

Yes and no.  During your planned migration time, it is not known exactly when your mailbox will be upgraded.  You can still continue to use the system normally until your mailbox begins the upgrade.  During the time of your specific mailbox migration, if you are currently using Outlook, the system will disconnect your mailbox and you can still take advantage of Outlook offline, which occurs automatically when you lose connectivity to the Exchange system.  Upon completion of your mailbox migrations, Outlook will inform you that you need to close Outlook and reopen it when the migration has been completed.


Can I still use my laptop during the migration process?

Yes.  Please see the note above about accessing your E-Mail during the migration.


Will I lose any E-Mail during the migraiton?

No.  During the migration, all of your E-Mail will be intact.  While your mailbox is being migrated, any inbound E-Mail will be held and delivered to your mailbox upon completion of your mailbox upgrade.


Will my mailbox capacity be increased?

No.  You will still be limited at a 1GB mailbox. 


Are the mailbox policies still in place?

Yes, but there are some minor changes. 

This process occurs nightly.

  • Items older than 30 days in your Deleted Items folder will be permanently deleted
  • Items older than 60 days in your Sent Items folder will be deleted; however, after deletion you will have 14 days after deletion to recover a non-transient E-Mail in the Recoverable Items Folder inside Outlook.
  • Items older than 180 days in your Calendar will be deleted permanently. 
  • Non-transient E-Mails will need to be manually saved in your Saved Mail or Archive PST.  Please contact the help desk if you require assistance.


Will there be any training provided?

While we have considered provided training sessions for users, Cognosante IT feels that the new version of Outlook Webmail resembles the Outlook client so much that training is not necessary.  We may offer optional training for advanced features of Outlook and Outlook Webmail in the future.  If you would like to learn more about Outlook Webmail, please visit the YouTube video located here:


What will happen to my PST file?

Your PST archive file is stored locally on your computer and will automatically open with Outlook after the migration has been completed.