James Joyce

General Manager of Health Consulting Services
James Joyce leads the company’s delivery of health information technology consulting services to state human service agencies. He has provided oversight for over 30 large state IT projects. He leads a team of six Directors managing contracts in 18 states and is the Account Executive for two states.  His recent experience includes conducting MITA 3.0 State Self-Assessments and overseeing several state MMIS PMO projects and IV&V assessments with multiple MMIS solution vendors to ensure that states meet federal policies, standards and certification.  He has a working relationship with CMS representatives, state CIOs and state Medicaid Directors.
Jim was formerly the MMIS Project Director for the state of Oregon.  He led Oregon’s MMIS Replacement effort from inception, thru planning, requirements, procurement, design, development  and into production.   While with the state, Mr. Joyce co-founded a state consortium of ten state MMIS Project Managers that were involved in MMIS development and replacement projects.  In addition, Mr. Joyce assisted five additional states with their MMIS projects.   Mr. Joyce has over 13 years of Medicaid experience.  Prior to working for the state of Oregon, Mr. Joyce was the Chief Operating Officer at Recom Managed Systems and Director of Commercial Accounts at Recom Technologies.  Both companies were technology services companies providing IT services for federal and commercial clients.  Mr. Joyce is retired from the US Air Force where he spent his career in IT systems development and project management, and was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Air Force Academy.