Bring Your Data Alive Using Intelligent Health Information Delivery

SmartStream™ is an intelligent health information delivery system capable of data stream mining of real-time data feeds so the most current information is used. Because it is event-driven, there is no need to query information; information is selectives sent only when needed. Business rules defined by you are applied to real-time data to pinpoint pertinent information. SmartStream extracts and processes any message type, not just HL7, and is more flexible than most solutions.

With SmartStream™ Collaborate, our rapid deployment offering, we can deploy solution tailored to your specific needs in as few as 90 days.

Customers who partner with Cognosante realize their goal of optimally sharing information and providing services with peak performance at a lower cost and in less time. Cognosante’s 100% quality pledge delivered by the most advanced knowledge leaders and subject matter experts in the industry ensures our customers’ success – every time.

Optional choose as a starting point, a use case from one of our solution sets.

Cordination of Care

  • Get notifcations on hospital admits & hospital/ED discharges
  • Simplify referrals

Compliance Monitoring

  • Be alerted at the point of care when there are gaps in immunication or medical adherence
  • Find out upon ER admission of controlled substance abuse of ER frequent flyers

Disease Management

  • Alerts to the care team at the first sign of problems related to asthma, COPD, CHF, diabetes


Send reminders to patients to schedule exams for mammograms, colorectal, pap smears, or prostate and alert physicians when appointments are cancelled and not completed

The Best Minds on Health to Prepare You for the Future

SmartStream’s™ powerful and flexible features make it the solution of choice

The SmartStream™ advantage is:

  • Connections to 300 EMRs and practice management systems
  • Secure mobile messaging
  • Workflow enablement
  • Data stream mining capability of real-time feeds
  • Business rules to pinpoint information important to you
  • Adaptable to any type of system and device
  • Ability to extract and process HL7 plus XML, CSV, and more
  • Control feedback mechanisms – so you know whether notifications are making a difference
  • Dashboards and reports

By combining our 25+ years of experience and knowledge in all the key areas of healthcare with SmartStream’s™ innovative capabilities. Cognosante can help you transform information delivery to unseen levels of unlimited potential.

Benefits are:

  • Increased compliance
  • Improved quality of care
  • Improved revenue generation for physicians
  • Cost savings for hospitals and CMS
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased adoption of HIE services
  • Increased customer engagement

eSante™ MITA

Support for Medicaid Management Information Systems and Medical Information Technology Architecture State Self Assessments.

eSante™ ARMS

Complete case management system, streamlining audit and recovery efforts while improving compliance and investigation command and control.

eSante™ MAGI-in-a-box

Single, stream-lined eligibility determination