Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture and modular systems planning

Cognosante remains the industry’s foremost authority on modular systems planning and Medical Information Technology Architecture (MITA)-aligned procurement strategies. We help states implement current leading architectures and are working on projects today that are building the solutions of tomorrow. We also have the experience to help our customers maximize enhanced Federal financial participation regarding Medicaid and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) IT transformation initiatives.

The eSante® MITA solution

Cognosante has developed the eSante® MITA software solution to support Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) architecture projects and MITA State Self-Assessments. eSante® MITA provides a low-cost, commercial, off-the-shelf solution with:

  • MITA tools and templates
  • MITA business models and maturity models
  • MMIS requirements management
  • Support for full lifecycle MITA project activities
  • Tracking of MITA capabilities and MMIS requirements for request for proposal (RFP)

Why choose Cognosante?

Cognosante’s experienced MITA experts and proven and scalable MITA approach ensure that the MITA SS-A is a valuable, long-term asset in support of the HHS and Medicaid enterprise.

MITA and modular planning

“The MMIS [Medicaid Management Information Systems] model continues the evolution from large, monolithic systems into modular platforms, and Cognosante is a leader in helping states meet the challenges of these new MMIS models. We are working hard every day to help states plan for, develop, implement, and maintain modern MMIS systems that offer greater flexibility and provide expanded support for the state health enterprise.”

Randy Browning, MBA, PMP | Solutions Program Director
Cognosante Health Consulting Services

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