Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Smarter portfolio management

Recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rules and regulations are calling for modernization of Medicaid enterprise systems into multiple modules. As a result, states are looking at a wide range of projects to achieve their modernization goals and objectives. Cognosante’s Portfolio Management function supports the strategic level of portfolio governance and demand management, strategy management, performance management, capacity management, and enterprise technical architecture processes. The interrelated processes facilitate the way a state Medicaid agency or Health & Human Services (HHS) organization evaluates, selects, prioritizes, governs, and allocates its resources to best accomplish organizational strategies aligned with its vision, mission, and values.

Cognosante’s Portfolio Management relies on strong management controls that create realized benefits, no-surprises project progress, and repeatable success. Cognosante’s proven process framework coordinates, adapts, and consistently keeps the portfolio visible and on track by satisfying four management imperatives:

  • Do the right things
  • Do things the right way
  • Get things done
  • Provide value

Why choose Cognosante?

Cognosante’s Portfolio Management expertise provides unparalleled insight for decision makers—from top executives to project teams. If you have HHS or Medicaid enterprise IT projects, it is critical that you control and have visibility into the relationships, dependencies, capacity, and project health so outcomes are managed, stakeholders are informed, and there are no surprises. Cognosante delivers all the visibility you need with our Portfolio Management services.

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