Standards-based Health Information Exchange

Standards-based Health Information Exchange

Delivering clinical value for Health Information Exchanges

The most critical success factor for a Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the demonstrated ability to deliver clinical value in a sustainable and measurable fashion. Cognosante’s experience demonstrates that complete medical information provides clinical value to providers, as well as programmatic and operational value to payers, including state Medicaid agencies that are seeking to improve value and quality and to engage in delivery system reform. Using systems designed around current health data exchange standards for best-in-class interoperability, we help Medicaid agencies effectively use HIE data to monitor high-cost conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of program interventions.

An interconnected, digital healthcare platform will produce tremendous benefits for states and patients, bridging the information-sharing gap in Medicaid, and streamlining the gathering and dissemination of medical information for faster and more accurate care.

eSante® interoperability

Cognosante’s suite of interoperability services features world-class, proven HIE technology, experienced implementation teams, and a focus on Medicaid-driven HIE analytics that couple Medicaid policy and programmatic expertise with clinical and claims data to deliver meaningful analytics to Medicaid programs. Together with partner InterSystems HealthShare, a standards-based health informatics platform for connected care, Cognosante provides a powerful platform designed to maximize the value HIE provides to healthcare agencies, providers, and consumers.

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