Medicaid Modernization

Smarter Solutions For New CMS Standards And Growing Enrollments

As one of the original MITA pioneers and a trusted partner to CMS, 46 states, and the District of Columbia, Cognosante is unmatched in its ability to guide state Medicaid programs to adapt to the ever-changing health IT landscape.
Meeting Your Challenges
From MITA 3.0 assessment to compliance with CMS’ Seven Conditions and Standards, Cognosante helps states meet their specific Medicaid program challenges.  
With today’s growing healthcare costs and enrollments, we help states design roadmaps to replace or enhance their Medicaid enterprise systems. We deliver modularity, improved business processes, superior service delivery, and greater efficiencies - all at lower costs. 
Our Solutions and Services
We provide industry-leading expertise and a wide range of services to help states plan, design, procure, implement, and transform their Medicaid business processes and systems.
Cognosante’s knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in transforming Medicaid systems spanning all core MMIS services areas:
  • MITA 3.0 State Self-Assessment and Planning: To date, we have completed twenty-four MITA 2.0 and 2.01 assessments and are currently conducting four MITA 3.0 assessments. 


  • Modular MMIS Procurement Support: We have assisted eighteen states with MMIS procurements including five current states with modular, MITA- based MMIS procurements that meet the requirements of CMS' Seven Conditions and Standards. 


  • MMIS Project Management and IV&V/QA Support: During the past five years, we have supported ten states with MMIS project managers, subject matter experts and IV&V/quality assurance staff during the development and implementation phase of a state MMIS replacement.


The Cognosante Difference


  • 100% Commitment: Our experienced people bring passion and a single-minded focus to meet our customer’s vision. We work closely with our customers to do whatever it takes to get the job done. 


  • Unmatched MITA Leadership: As the industry leader and a MITA pioneer, we combine a flexible, proven assessment approach, and unparalleled expertise to apply MITA. We define your target for future Medicaid business processes leading to standards compliance, administrative efficiency, and increased ROI.


  • Unsurpassed Medicaid Knowledge: Outside of the MMIS solution vendors, we deliver the largest Medicaid-experienced staff with the most in-depth state and federal Medicaid expertise in the industry, including many staff who worked for or managed Medicaid operations. 


  • Proven Best Practices: With Cognosante’s quarter century of Medicaid experience, we understand the risks and issues encountered during each stage of the MMIS lifecycle. Our proven methodologies, tools, and templates help drive MMIS project efficiencies to save time and costs while reducing risks and ensuring quality results.


  • Federal Compliance: Our experience with MITA and MMIS certification standards, as well as writing federally approved APDs and RFPs, helps states obtain additional federal funding for their system enhancements, and business improvements.