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Public and private sector organizations serving millions of people each day trust Cognosante to guide, modernize, and transform their health IT systems.

Federal Customers
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many others rely on Cognosante to transform their health IT systems and drive their health initiatives.
State and Local Customers
For the past quarter century, Cognosante has been a trusted partner to state and local healthcare organizations, supporting over 90 percent of state Medicaid programs and leading important health reform initiatives such as MMIS, HIX, HIE, HIPAA, and ICD-10.


Why Cognosante?

Cognosante’s sole focus is health solutions. We built our company and our solutions on a foundation of industry expertise that can transform your health system.

We work closely with national leaders who shape the future of healthcare, and we prepare for health reforms before they are enacted or impact your programs.

We pioneered and remain the industry’s foremost authority on modular MITA-based solutions, and we still deliver today’s leading architecture.

Work on the Leading Edge
Shape the Future of Health IT
Learn from the Industry's Best
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Project Manager (VA)

Supports the Program Management Office (PMO) on the management of multiple project initiatives.

Support the Affordable Care Act

Opportunities in AZ, ND, and TN

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Wednesday, November 4th (Phoenix, AZ)