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Our healthcare system’s rapid transformation continually creates new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, such as the Mechanized Claims Processing and Information Retrieval Systems (90/10) Final Regulation. Both state Medicaid and Federal health programs must innovate quickly while guaranteeing timely and efficient service delivery, since consumers can’t simply put their health on hold while aging IT systems and call centers are modernized.

Cognosante helps clients and partners experience smooth transitions through health insurance eligibility and enrollment support, provider enrollment support, Medicaid program management, consumer contact center support, and health data standards expertise and operations. Our eSante EnGage360™ solution is designed specifically for state and Federal healthcare agencies. The Cognosante solution serves consumers and issuers, reconciling data, empowering communication, and continually improving methodologies and technologies to deliver the services promised by the vision of healthcare reform.

Cognosante balances hands-on customer service with consumer-driven self-service options to provide the best value to our clients, who then offer the best experience to the communities they serve. We deliver increased program efficiencies, improved customer service experiences, and lower cost using a combination of multichannel communication and first-call resolution best practices.

The two practice domains include:

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